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This comprehensive self-study course, is currently in renewal for CME. The course is suitable for physicians studying for the NBE exam and provides a comprehensive introduction to this ever-expanding modality as well as physicians studying for board certification and recertification in echocardiography via the annual NBE exam. All material will be presented in an on-line format where the student will review interactive didactic material, teaching points, and case based learning to include images, videos and clinical scenarios.

This course focuses on the following competencies:

1) Ultrasound Physics
2) Evaluation of Systolic Function
3) Diastologic Function and Failure
4) Hemodynamics Assessment
5) Stress & Contrast Echocardiography
6) Chambers and Valves
7) Prosthetic Valves, Endocarditis and Cardiomyopathies
8) Simple and Complex Congenital Heart Diseases
9) Mock Exam Questions and Teaching Points



Echocardiography is a modality that continues to grow based on its accepted applications, protocols and affordable useage. As a tool that is being applied across multiple disciplines, physicians are seeking ways to achieve comprehensive training online.



Additional Course Information


+ Learning Objectives


1) Chamber Qualifications

2) Evaluation of valvular regurgitation

3) Stress Echocardiography

4) Evaluation of valve stenosis

5) Performing multiplane transesophageal echocardiogram

6) Echocardiographic evaluation of LV diastolic function

7) Evaluation of prosthestic valves with echocardiography and Doppler ultrasound

8) Echocardiography assessment of right heart in adults

9) Appropriate use criteria for echocardiography

+ Practice Gap


The main purpose of this activity is to provide physicians with access to educational tools based upon the ever-expanding set of guidelines established by the American Society of Echocardiography. The American Society of Echocardiography standards and guidelines change or expand several times per year regarding new techniques and protocols. These revisions reflect new clinical data, changes in test utilization patterns, and clarify echocardiography use where omissions or lack of clarity existed in the original criteria.


This program not only focuses on the didactic material contained within the American Society of Echocardiography Guidelines but also provides access to a significant volume of case based learning. Many physicians do not have access to pertinent clinical and case-based educational tools regarding the application and interpretation of echocardiograms. This course addresses formal requests by physicians practicing echocardiography as well as the changes put forth (referenced above) by the American Society of Echocardiography and will enable changes in Practice Competence and Patient Outcomes.

+ Needs Assessment Summary

MDT's Faculty believe that in this ever changing medical environment where imaging is heavily scrutinized, access to educational resources by all physicians is becoming ever more important to assure patient safety, reimbursement, credentialing and clinical proficiency. Echocardiography has become one of the most important tools for detecting problems with the heart valves (such as aortic stenosis or mitral valve prolapse) as well as evaluation of congenital heart disease. In an atmosphere of shrinking reimbursement, echo has also gained popularity as a viable "cross-training" discipline for physicians seeking additional subspecialties.


In 2011 the Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography updated the guidelines for Appropriate Use Criteria in Echocardiography. These guidelines underwent significant change and were developed with input from the American Society of Echocardiography, American College of Cardiology Foundation Appropriate Use Criteria Task Force, American Heart Association, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, Heart Failure Society of America, Heart Rhythm Society, Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions, Society of Critical Care Medicine, Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and the American College of Chest Physicians. The guidelines contain updated recommendations regarding the appropriateness of transthoracic, transesophageal, and stress echocardiography in an expanded number of clinical scenarios. (J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2011;24:229-67.)

+ More About the Authors


Sasanka Jayasuriya, M.D.

Sarver Heart Center, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson, AZ

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Board certified in Internal Medicine

Subspecialty board certification: Cardiovascular Disease, Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology. Dr. Jayasuriya's special interests include echocardiography in structural interventions and echocardiography in valvular heart disease


See Dr. Jayasuriya's full biography





Reza Arsanjani, M.D.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
Subspecialty board certification: Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, Vascular Imaging


See Dr. Arsanjani's full biography





Steven Mottl, D.O.

Baylor Heart Hospital, Denton, Tx

Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
Subspecialty board certification: Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, Vascular Imaging


See Dr. Mottl's full biography





Abhijeet Dhoble, M.D.

Sarver Heart Center, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson, AZ

Chief Fellow

Board certified in Internal Medicine & subspecialty board certified in Echocardiography


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+ Accreditation Statement


We are in the process of renewing accreditation with our new sponsor. The price listed above does not currently include CME.

+ Method of Participation


These materials will be presented in an on-line format where the student will interact with the text, image, animation and video based materials within MD Training @home's web based eLearning cloud, axion. The program requires no specialized connection or software and supports all major browsers on PC and Mac platforms.


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